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We gratefully acknowledge the help of the following people...

  • Mum and Stewart for letting my VW sit up on blocks in your yard (you know you may be a redneck if...) and for letting our mail pile up on the doorstep.

  • Marie for your excellent performance as Harried Hostess for Thanksgiving this year, for storing our flea-infested tower of sand, and for carting our asses to the airport once again.

  • Alok for needing basement furnishings and graciously providing our last luxury accomodations.

  • Jessie for not living in the burbs and providing a good home for stray Hondas and snowmobiles.

  • Jay for his much appreciated good spirits and last minute help lifting heavy stuff.

  • Andre for his most excellent job packing the U-Haul (no damage, nothing broken!).

  • Mitch for his Big Muscles and Fast Connection... enough said.

  • Tony and Sabrina for taking the queen bed off our hands. (Wink Wink, Nudge Nudge, Say no more)

  • Anne "I'm From The Country And I Like It That Way" Heath for her lifesaving tape mixes.

  • Julie and Julien for your more-than-neighborly generosity in storing our junk, providing Micronews access so we could sell the junk we didn't want to store, and your John Hancock.

  • Richard for the bad-ass business cards.

  • Keith "Get Off It" Kegley for last-minute, trip-saving, kick-ass relationship counselling.

  • Daniel for sharing his enthusiam for photography, first by lending us his own camera and later by providing much-needed care and maintenance advice for ours.

Copyright © 2002-03 Heather Krause and Jan Trabandt