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Africa Jan 26 - Apr 4, 2006   Slideshow 50 slideshows   Blog 1 blog

Our 9 ½ weeks on the ground in Africa were divided up roughly as follows:

1 week on safari in Kenya,
1 week on safari in northern Tanzania,
2 weeks in Zanzibar (Stone Town and Kendwa Beach),
5 weeks in South Africa (Cape Town and provinces).
The 2 week safari was a Comfort Class (i.e. hotels, not camping) trip through Kenya and Tanzania from GAP Adventures, an eco-friendly small-groups Canadian tour company. This specific GAP trip is detailed here.
The rest of the trip was done independently, including a 30 day car rental in South Africa.

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Map and boundary data are copyrighted by FOTW - Flags Of The World web site
  • Note that pre-booking flights within Africa can be tricky: a few days before leaving North America, I discovered that Travelocity could not actually issue tickets for the Air Tanzania flight which they happily listed on their website! Furthermore, I had difficulty finding a travel agent who could physically issue the tickets, and eventually chose Precision Air for one leg, and Air Tanzania and South African Airways for the other legs (using two different travel agents!). However, pre-booking flights online in South Africa is easy.
  • See also more tips at the end of the stories for each African country.

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