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Overview: We drove around the 4 of 5 stars - strongly recommended! Cape Peninsula on the afternoon after visiting Table Mountain, and again the following day.
Tip Tip: Get an early start on the day for the peninsula, without seeing an attraction in town first.

Large chunks of the peninsula are part of the Table Mountain NP which, as the name implies, includes Table Mountain itself.
Satellite Photo: See this satellite map of the Cape Town area with pushpins and then zoom in at least once.
Beach Huts Details: We cruised down the M3 again to Muizenberg and then down the east coast of the peninsula past Kalk Bay to quaint Simon's Town, home of the nearby penguin colony at Boulders. We ate lunch at Meeting Place on the main street "downtown," sitting on the large 2nd floor balcony. They had no power in town at the time (remember the rolling blackouts) so we could only order tasty cold deli food and drinks (no coffee!).
We meandered to a nearby park overlooking the harbour, where more wooden statues and bowls were sold (similar statues/masks/beads to the ones we had seen in Kenya/Tanzania, plus statues like the one I bought during the township tour).
Baby Penguins Just south of Simon's Town is a big 4 of 5 stars - strongly recommended! penguin colony at Boulders. There were enough penguins (inc. two babies!) near the parking lot, that we didn't bother paying to go inside the main area (also, we were short on time). We were able to get quite close to the penguins (3m rule)! There was a "funny" sign warning you to check under your car for penguins!
Baboon on Payphone Then we drove to the 4 of 5 stars - strongly recommended! Cape of Good Hope NR even though it was getting late in the day; in fact, the concessions were already closed (what, no coffee?) Baboons at the parking lot near the light house entertained us, even jumping up on the hood of our car as soon as we parked! They were lounging about on top of pay phones and drinking from the trickling water of a faulty drinking fountain (tip: don't drink from the fountain! :-) We thought at first that they had figured out how to activate that drinking fountain... We also witnessed a baboon with an erection chase a female across the parking lot to a more secluded spot.
Near the lighthouse is a road down to the windy coastline of the Cape of Good Hope proper -- the southwestern most point of Africa!
We drove up the west coast a bit, past Kommetjie Lighthouse, then cut across the peninsula back to cozy Kalk Bay for a romantic candlelit dinner at Café Matisse before returning home along the M3.
Hout Bay The next day we spent another afternoon on the cape peninsula to see more of the scenery in daylight...
We cruised down the M3 again, across Silvermine NR, over Chapman's Peak and down into Hout Bay for a tasty lunch at a little resto w/ a patio, near the beach (we didn't want to wait at the larger, crowded hotel resto next door).
Then we cruised up the western coast and stopped briefly a the beach in trendy Camps Bay. Actually there is a large beach with a California beach-vibe (restos and shops across the street) and then a smaller beach next door. The water (Atlantic Ocean) was very cold; we could only manage to dip our feet!
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